Sterling - Phenom 10.3mm x 60m

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Using higher denier sheath structure and thermodynamically balanced performance cores, the Sterling Phenom 10.3 mm dry climbing rope is built to last and perform. The Phenom hits the sweet spot for handling and gear compatibility. This rope leads in today’s modern, high-traffic gyms.

  • Big, burly climbing rope for the plastic pulling phenomenon
  • Ideal for top rope belays outside
  • Accommodates beginners and determined fallers
  • Hits the sweet spot for handling and gear compatibility
  • Dry Core and Dry Coat treatment
  • Thermodynamically balanced performance cores
  • Higher denier sheath structure

Technical Specifications

Diameter 10.3 mm
Length 195' / 60 m
Sheath Proportion 39 %
Dynamic Elongation 30.6 %
Static Elongation 6.5 %
Impact Force 9.0 kN
Weight 4.02 kg / 8.86 lbs
UIAA Falls 11