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Holistic EPR / SOS Gear - 2 Person, 3 Day Emergency Kit

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At Holistic Emergency Preparedness and Response / SOS Gear we customize our kits. 

We prefer to sit down and work with you to develop a kit that is unique to you and your family, but if you don't have time to create your own, that's OK. We have done the work for you. We have developed kits, that supply you with all the emergency supplies that you need in case of an emergency.  

In this 2-person, 3 day kit you will find the following supplies, while leaving extra room for you to add additional items; such as, medications, spare pair of glasses, money in small bills, and copies of your - Passport/identification, Vehicle insurance, Home insurance, Emergency contact list, and out of province emergency contact info.

**If you would like to have a customized kit developed for you, your family, office / work site, or for any other activity, location, or group - please contact us so we help you create a kit that will meet your needs.

Supply List:

4          Light sticks

2          Emergency Blanket

1          Fleece Blanket

2          Whistle

1          Knife

2          LED Headlamp

2          Batteries AAA

1          Matches

1          Match Case

2          Lighter

1          Fire starter

2          Survival Candle

2          1L water pouch

2          Water purification tablets

4          Sunscreen Wipes

4          Hand warmers

4          Bug Repellant

1          Sanitary Napkins

4          Toilet Paper

1          Soap

2          Towels

2          Emergency Poncho

2          Para Cord

2          3600Kcal - Meal Ration

24        Water

1          Personal FA kit

2          Black HD Garbage Bag

2          Leather Work Gloves

2          Safety Glasses

2          Particulate Mask

1          Black Diamond Backpack