SOL - SLIM Rescue Howler™ Whistle, 2/Pack

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The Slim Rescue Howler™ weighs only a few grams but it packs a big punch - namely, a 100dB signal that is audible from over a mile away. The pea-less design means this whistle works in all conditions and will never jam or freeze.

Features and Benefits

Be Heard
100dB whistle signal is audible over one mile.

Pea-less design works in all conditions - won't freeze or stick to lips when cold.

Take it Everywhere
Ultra-portable design weighs only a few grams and fits in any pocket - or attach it to a zipper pull.



  • Package Size: .875" x 2.25" x .3125"
  • Package Weight: .2 oz. ea.
  • Item #: 0140-0010