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Sea To Summit - Traveller TrII

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The Sea to Summit Traveller TrII 30F Sleeping Bag is an ultralight, warm weather bag made for those ounce-counters out there. Is it a sleeping bag or a blanket? Yes. This travel buddy can be used as a warm weather sleeping bag, or unzip it fully to use as a quilt. The RDS certified lofty ULTRA-DRY goose down compresses to about the size of a nerf football, making it incredibly packable. This bag is cut with a slight taper to save weight and maximize thermal performance. The foot box features a drawcord that can either be cinched tight for warmth or opened up for ventilation. This bag is ready to be whatever you need from an extra blanket to a cacoon-able sleeping bag.


  • Slightly tapered shape for a comfortable solo sleeping bag unzips into a spacious quilt
  • Ultra-light 15D Nylon fabrics to minimize weight and bulk
  • RDS 750+ Loft ULTRA-DRY Down for superior compressibility
  • Shoulder and foot drawcords cinch the bag tight to retain maximum warmth
  • Zip two Travellers together for adventuring couples
  • Doubles as a top quilt to significantly extend the warmth of another sleeping bag
  • TrI uses a sewn through quilted construction for minimal weight
  • TrII uses full horizontal baffles and additional down fill for extra warmth
  • Includes lightweight Ultra-Sil Compression sack
  • Ultra-light 15D Nylon fabrics and 750+ ULTRA-DRY Down providing lofty, moisture-resistant warmth
  • Shoulder and foot drawcords cinch the bag tight to retain maximum body heat when needed and allow for ventilation in warmer climes
  • Zip two together and you have a duo bag for when you're not traveling alone


Features: Insulated
Fill Weight (Regular): 12.3 oz
Fill Weight (Long): 14.8 oz
Max User Height (Long): 76 in.
Foot Circumference (Regular): 39 in.
Foot Circumference (Long): 46 in.
Shoulder Circumference (Regular): 58 in.
Hip Circumference (Regular): 53 in.
Shoulder Circumference (Long): 66 in.
Hip Circumference (Long): 58 in.
Weight (Regular): 22.8 in.
Weight (Long): 26.6 oz
Gender: Unisex
Best Use: Camping
Insulation: Down
Temperature Rating: 21 - 30 Degrees Fahrenheit
Exact Temperature Rating: 30 Degrees Fahrenheit
Sleeping Bag Shape: Rectangular
Max User Height (Regular): 72 in.
Zipper Side: Left