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Pure Choice - Freeze Dried Whole Egg Powder

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All Pure Choice products are packaged for long term 20+ Years.

Pure Choice only uses the best and freshest eggs to produce their Egg Crystals. Good  to use for scrambled eggs, omelets, and crepes. The egg crystals can also be used for baking loaves of bread and cakes; they mix well with other ingredients. They’re also ideal for long-term storage and emergency preparedness. Just add water and these crystals spring to life and are ready to cook. Use a fork or spoon and crush up so no big pieces are left. This will make the consistency smoother.

Shelf-Life: This will stay for up to 25 years if un-opened.  Once opened, re-seal so no air moisture gets in package.  Should be good for several years like this.

Instructions: To reconstitute one egg, mix  2 Tbs of Egg Crystals with 2  TBS of water. You can also use some milk instead of some of the water.

No refrigeration required. Great for camping, baking or emergency food.


1 Egg = 2 TBSP or 8g

7.5oz (212.63g)= Approx 26 XL eggs

Eggs are pasteurized

Customer's Ask:  

Are there any Antibiotics or hormones used in your eggs?

From what is understood by Pure Choice, egg laying chickens are not the same as chickens that are raised to eat. Here is what the egg company has to say.

Myth: Antibiotics are regularly used on egg-laying hens.

We strongly believe in prevention over treatment, and we put this belief into practice. Our hens are vaccinated when they are young to build defenses against diseases. As a result, antibiotics are used rarely at our farms. - Jul 7, 2021

Are eggs injected with antibiotics?

Due to the effective use of vaccines and on-farm disease prevention, only a small percentage of egg-laying flocks ever receive antibiotics. If they do, it is under the supervision of a veterinarian and only for a short time to treat a specific disease or to prevent a recurring disease. - Apr 15, 2019