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Pure Choice - Freeze Dried Organic Corn

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All Pure Choice products are packaged for long term 20+ Years.

Easy to store, use, and take along — all natural and healthy.

    • Organic, grown in CANADA
    • Whole kernels of organic freeze dried super sweet corn. ("Super sweet" is the term for varieties of sweet corn that are sweeter than others.)
    • A good source of vitamin C.
    • GMO free. Gluten free.

Organic corn certification:  Certified organic 

Common uses: Camping food, backpacking food, and home cooked food. A snack as is, dry and right out of the bag. Like other Pure Choice freeze dried vegetables, the freeze dried organic sweet corn is often used in veggie trail mixes, soups, stews, tacos, and Spanish recipes.

Packaging: Bagged selections are in high quality resealable foil pouches with moisture absorbent pack to help ensure freshness after initial opening. 

Easy to Prepare

    • Use alone as a dry snack or add to veggie trail mixes.
    • Add dry during the last five or so minutes of cooking soups and stews that have sufficient broth.
    • Use dry for a crunchy effect in salads, tacos, and while serving cooked rice and baked beans.
    • For most other applications, hydrate by soaking for 5 minutes in a generous amount of cold or hot water (hot water works slightly better). Then drain.

Yield — 1 oz equals about 1/2 cup dry with very low moisture content.

Rehydration Ratio — 1 lb of freeze dried organic super sweet corn, once rehydrated, equals approximately 4 lbs of fresh prepared kernels of sweet corn.