Pieps - Micro BT Button - Avy Safety Set

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An avalanche safety kit for backcountry users, the PIEPS Micro BT Button Avy Safety Set includes the PIEPS Micro BT Button Avalanche Beacon, and Aluminum 220 Probe and a T500 Standard Shovel.
  • PIEPS Micro BT Button Beacon
  • PIEPS T500 Standard Shovel
  • PIEPS Aluminum 220 Probe

The PIEPS MICRO BT is the smallest, lightest and most intuitive 3-antenna-beacon from PIEPS. The PIEPS Shovel T is the perfect shovel for ski tours in low and high mountain regions. The PIEPS Alunimium 220 Probe is easy and fast assembly and durable tubes made of high quality carbon fiber or aluminum alloy for optimal stability.