HydraPak - Expedition 8L

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Live large. Hydrate often. HydraPak's highest capacity storage yet, the 8L Expedition. Perfect for car camping or water for your base camp, it has a wide-mouth Plug-N-Play cap for easy pouring, a flexible handle for effortless carrying and hanging and a free standing design with dual baffles for stability. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it’s lightweight and extremely packable. You’ll be practically unstoppable.

PACKABLE - Extremely packable, flatten, roll and wrap with tether when empty for compact storage

PLUG-N-PLAY - Dispensing tap inserts into Plug-N-Play cap to create a versatile dispensing solution at basecamp

EASY CARRY - Flexible webbing handle for carrying or hanging

ULTRA RUGGED - Made of waterproof TPU film laminate for durability and versatility, can easily be wiped clean


DIMENSIONS - 380 mm / 14.8 in x 200 mm / 7.8 in

WEIGHT - 257 g / 9 oz