GSI - Collapsible Fairshare Mug

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Eat, drink, measure, store and collapse.

Perfect for the trail and well as the office. This 22 fluid ounce collapsible mug is the perfect cup/bowl for rehydrating food or collecting huckleberries. Eat, drink, collapse, store
  • Collapsible bellows design collapses to 1.7" high disc.
  • Folding handle folds flat or extends to lock in two positions for eating and drinking or for scooping and measuring.
  • Sure-sealing lid made of Infinity Clear Polypropylene screws into the rim of the mug to keep your meals in and the outdoors out.
  • Perfectly-suited to rehydrating meals


More Information
Weight (lbs) 0.4500
Material Silicone and Clear Polypropylene
Major Dimension 22 fl. oz.
Includes 22 fl. oz. Collapsible Mug, Lid
Dimensions 7.1 in x 5.4 in x 1.7
Product Use Car Camping