GSI - Bugaboo Griddle

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Bugaboo cookware's dependable, non-stick coated, even-heating surface and light weight epitomize performance and versatility. The grease collection channel keeps the mess to a minimum while it can be used over fire embers, a gas stove, or a charcoal barbecue.


Highly conductive aluminum construction offers excellent heat distribution, durability and performance.

Efficient grease collection channel.

Easy cleaning non-stick Teflon® surface.

Convenient handles also allow griddle to be hung for cooling or storage.


MAJOR DIMENSION: 19.7" x 11"

WEIGHT: 2 lbs. 3 oz.

DIMENSIONS: 19.70'' x 11.10'' x 1.70''

MATERIAL: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum

PRODUCT USE: Car Camping