Esbit - Solid Fuel Cubes (14g)

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Every warm meal needs heat.

With the solid fuel tablets in your baggage, you feel confident about bringing a meal and beverage quickly to temperature. They are versatile for cooking and heating up meals and beverages, and also suitable for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire.

12 tablets, 14 g each, packed waterproof, with a combustion time of 12 minutes.

  • Stable, non-explosive, non-toxic fuel
  • burns well at altitude
  • no cartridges to carry or dispose of 
  • Depending on conditions, one large cube (0.5oz) will bring 2 cups of water to a boil in approximately 8 mins
  • Ignites easily with matches or lighter
  • does not spark or smoke
  • burns cleanly without residue
  • Burns at 1300°F
  • Cubes make great fire starter