Conterra - USAR Medical Response Pack

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Designed originally for the ultra elite FBI hostage rescue team, this 2,900cu in, mid-sized, pack fits nicely on a rescuer’s back. The many options and configurations offered with the USAR pack make it customizable for the situation and the individual rescuer. Go light, but go prepared!

This highly specialized pack is made from Cordura™ and Ballistics nylon, and utilizes nearly 100% of its volume by virtue of its unique shape. By using Conterra's various accessory modules (optional add ons) you can carry: one aluminum “D” O-2 tank, BVM & masks, one liter of I.V. fluid, mini drug kit, intubation kit, hemorrhage control kit, suction, two to three C collars, and various other assessment and trauma supplies, all in a pack that measures less than 9” x 13” x 25”!
Want an even more versatile system? The USAR LS starts with their rugged space efficient USAR pack and adds the extra features and carrying capacity of Conterra's LS Response pack (Sold Separately). This allows the USAR the ability to carry an AED, hydration bladder and extra trauma and assessment supplies. The LS quick connects to the USAR, and does not in any way hinder access to the USAR three pockets. In technical environments, the LS can be detached and worn separately. A perfect combo for industry or event response.
The suspension system of the USAR pack is the same that we use on our technical climbing packs; comfortable and customizable. And it can fold away to be used as a duffel bag. 
If you need to go light, fast, and lean, this is the pack for you.


Materials: Cordura™ and Ballistics nylon
Volume: 2,900ci
Dimensions: 9” x 13” x 25”
Weight: 2lbs, 11oz