Conterra - Rigging Bag

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Rescue is made easier with the Conterra Rigging Bag. Their modular rescue bag organizes technical rope gear into a convenient deployment package.

The bag can be carried by the grab handles, or worn as a backpack.

The saddlebag pocket portion can be detached and used separately from the rope. The saddlebag pockets are 8"x4"x 20" with #10 zippers, and a clear vinyl window for inventory lists, etc.

The rope bag holds up to 300 feet of 12.5mm rescue rope and opens at both ends to provide quick access to either end of the rope for advanced techniques.

The bag is made entirely out of Dupont Cordura, with high visibilty reflective tape. Many organizations use three rigging bags to create "system packages" ( Belay, Mainline, and Patient package). Rope and hardware not included.

Overall dimensions: 8"x16"x30"


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