Black Diamond

Black Diamond - Hotforge Quickdraw

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Ideal for cranking on sport routes or extending gear placements, the Black Diamond HotForge Quickdraw features a straight-gate HotForge carabiner on top and a bent-gate on the bottom.


  • The light, smooth-clipping design of the HotForge carabiners eliminates snags
  • Hot-forged construction results in a lighter weight; material has been removed where it's not needed and added where durability is key
  • Straight-gate HotForge on top and bent-gate HotForge on the bottom
  • Lighter colored bottom HotForge carabiner offers a visual target while climbing
  • Dual keylocks ease clipping and cleaning
  • The durable, easy-to-grab 18mm polyester dogbone features a Straitjacket™ insert to keep the bottom carabiner properly oriented

Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Type
Straight-gate, Bent-gate
Strength Major Axis Closed
24 kilonewtons
Strength Major Axis Open
8 kilonewtons
Strength Minor Axis
8 kilonewtons
Sling Length (cm)
12 CM: 12 centimeters
16 CM: 16 centimeters
103 grams