BaroCook - Heating Pouch (pkg of 5)

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Barocook Pouch

If you need a complete flameless cooking system, the cooking pouch is perfect for you. Includes 4 pouches and 5 flameless heating elements (large 50g size). Flameless heating packs can be purchased in packs of 10. Heat or cook any food in a closed container within this pouch, such as a can of soup, noodles, or dehydrated meal. If its sealed and safe to heat, you can cook it. 

Flameless, water-activated, heating packs achieves heat up to 208 Fahrenheit. Heat packs are eco-friendly, meaning you can dispose them like other environmentally friendly trash, made of Non-Toxic Flameless heat source, Quick Lime.

Caution: Contents will become very hot while using the Barocook cooking system. Please read the instructions first before using.

Dimensions: 235x350x80mm

Weight: 390g

①Zipper Bag x 5pcs
②50g heating pack x 5pcs