Pieps - Shovel C 660

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The PIEPS shovel C with telescopic and C-handle is the perfect shovel for effective companion rescue. The shovel guarantees a light weight and optimum stability.

With a telescopic handle and full feature set, the PIEPS Shovel C combines performace and usability to aid in your rescue operation. A C-handle enables for an easy grip, even with thick gloves, and with a non-slip grip and foot rest, you can move quickly. Quick lock and hoe functions round out the feature set.

  • Telescopic handle quickly deploys and minimizes twisting while shoveling
  • C-handle enables easy grip even with thick gloves
  • Non-slip grip provides secure purchase, even with wet gloves
  • Non-slip foot rest
  • Quick lock system for automatic engagement when extended
  • Hoe function for easy bivy construction



  1. Rescue sledge function
  2. Hoe function
  3. Non-slip foot rest
  4. Rip Stop
  5. Pronounced center ridge
  6. Integrated bottle opener
  7. Special surface coating
  8. Sharpened edges


Blade weight (g): 310
Handle length (cm): 68
Handle weight (g): 350
Weight (g): 660
Shovel blade width: 28,5 x 21,5 x 6