Lumena - N9+, Rechargeable LED Light

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This light provides a little or lot of light depending on your needs. With an impressive range from 150 –1800 lumens and three kinds of lighting, cool, bright, and warm it offers that "just right" amount of light for whatever your needs. It also doubles as a powerbank, giving you the ability to fuel your favorite USB-powered devices. The efficient onboard 20,000mAh battery provides enough juice to top up your smartphone, with plenty of power left over to light your home away from home.

At only 440 grams this little light is a great addition to your outdoor adventures or to add to your emergency kit. 


  • 3 Types Convertible LED color temperature. Plenty of capacity and brightness makes enough performance at outdoor environment.
  • Li-Polymer Large capacity battery. Li-Polymer type 20,000mAh large capacity battery can be used with maximum 1,800Lm brightness for maximum 12 hours. Maintain a constant brightness of 100~80% for sustained periods.
  • Mobile power bank. During the main purpose as a LED lantern, the functionality of the mobile power bank is fully available. It provides great usability.
  • Effective light design, the curved front cover provides ample light for wider area.
  • Body assembly structure. Luxurious and sturdy aluminium out-body and polycarbonate inner-body guarantees outstanding reliability for impact and damage at outdoor environment.
  • Various add-ons. International standard SOS light pattern, Power saving mode (usable 1 more hour after 98% power consumption)

Size: 146 x 96 x 28mm

Weight: 440g

Brightness: 150 ~ 1800Lm

Usage time: 12hours (Max. Brightness) ~ 160hours (Min. Brightness)

Package includes: Main Body, Pouch, Cable, 2 Hooks, 2 Hangers, Water/Dust Cap, Manual