INKO - Smart Heater Play

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Stay warm with the new concept of the heater. Inko Smart Heaters are the world's first products with an innovative electronic technology called flexible printed electronics. Unlike conventional hot-wired warmer, it offers safety with evenly distributed heating on the pad and there are no harmful electromagnetic waves. Heating elements are "printed", not wired. Inko Smart Heaters are the new generation heaters. Now, it is time to say goodbye to hot wired ones.

Great for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, sport games. Also take it traveling or use at home. 


  • Innovative Flexible Printed Electronics - Silver nano conductive ink, PET, PI are the heating elements that makes electric current is converted into heat energy. No more hot wires.
  • Unbelievable thineness (1mm) but powerful (up to 50℃).
  • Wide heating coverage.
  • Easy one touch 5-step temperature control.
  • Smart self-fuse function to prevent low-temperature burning.
  • Eco-friendly technolog/no harmful electromagnetic waves.
  • USB adapter compatible; simple and easy usage.

Measurements: 11cmx 11cmx 1mm

Weight: 28g 

Power : 5V/1.5A 3.5W