INKO - Smart Heater Heal

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The Smart Heater Heal is a portable heating pad that is perfect for home, outdoors, camping, and traveling. 


  • Innovative Flexible Electronics - Nano Silver Plane Heating Element (not wire).
  • Ultra-thin (1mm thickness) yet powerful with max 50°C (122°F) that provides a new paradigm of portable heater.
  • Easy one-touch 5-step temperature control.
  • Built-in over current cut-off self-fuse for enhanced safety.
  • EMF Certified - Completely free from electromagnetic wave.
  • USB Powered - Can use with a Power bank, Wall power, Notebook, etc..,

Measurements: 27cm x 27cm x 1mm

Power: 5V/1.5A 7.5W

Weight: 107g