Coleman - Dishware Set (12 Pieces)

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Serve up burgers, soups, cereal and everything in between when you’re eating off Coleman® Melamine Family Dinnerware. The 12-piece set includes four 10-in. (25.4 cm) dinner plates, four 8-oz. (236.59 ML) coffee mugs and four 6-in. (15.24 cm) bowls. They’re all made of dishwasher-safe, durable melamine with a green accent ring around the rims for a classic Coleman® look at picnics, BBQs, campsites and home.

Includes four 10-in. plates, four 6-in. bowls and four 8-oz. cups 
• Dishwasher safe (not microwave safe) 
• Constructed of durable melamine
• Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)