Claymore - PRO X, Rechargeable Light / Power Bank

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This power bank brings the power and light you need to any situation. This portable lantern / power bank gives the option of three different colour temperatures and 1800 Lumens. With a 3.6v battery that provides a 20,800mAh charge, you can keep it running for up to 150 hrs before recharging. 


  • Change your mood with 3 DIFFERENT COLOR TEMPERATURE FUNCTION (Cool : 6,200K, Bright : 4,200K, Warm : 3,000K)
  • Control Light Brightness Delicately By DIAL ◆ Prevent product defect from water and dust by ANTI-WATER AND DUST RUBBER CAP
  • Essential function for outdoor activity MICRO 5PIN USB CHARGING SYSTEM (Can be charged from PC, laptop or vehicle and IT is compatible with smartphone charging cable)
  • Right away, whenever, wherever needed!! POWERBANK FUNCTION (Able to charge various multimedia devices such as tablet PC, smartphone, MP3, etc)
  • Battery Indicator
  • Prepare for emergency situation SOS SIGNAL FUNCTION
  • Use conveniently by using HANDLE WIRE AND S HOOK
  • Weight - 1.5lbs

Made in Korea