Claymore - CapOn Wearable Light

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Claymore now brings a rechargeable cap-on light. This little light brings the lumens you need for any outdoor adventure. Unlike existing cap lights, Claymore Capon B offers the ultra-lightweight advantage at only 29g, powerful 230 lumens, 3 lighting modes, rechargeability, all in the size of a matchbox. Its 3 lighting modes include Claymore's signature flood mode, focus-light, and diffused light with red LED. 


  • Ultra compact size, multipurpose cap light.
  • Minimal design cap-on light.
  • Great fishing light with red LED.
  • 3 different lighting modes; focus-light, flood mode, and diffused light with red LED.
  • Focus light - Minimum 16 LM with 3 meters light distance, 12 hrs run time. Maximum 230 LM with 50 meters light distance, 2 hrs run time.
  • Diffused light (red LED) - Minimum 1 LM with 12 hrs run time, Maximum 20 LM with 2 hrs and 40 min run time.
  • Food mode (Top) - Minimum 16 LM with 12 hrs run time, Maximum 230 LM with 2 hrs run time.
  • Micro 5-pin USB high-speed charging support.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Fine dimming control by one button press and hold.
  • Weather proof / dust proof (IP54).
  • Safety helmet friendly.