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Adventure Medical - Mountain Series Day Tripper Medical Kit

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The Day Tripper is designed for adventurers who demand professional quality medical supplies even on shorter trips. Perfect on fast-and-light daylong treks or ambitious overnights, this kit has the same premium features as the larger kits in the Mountain Series - including advanced wound cleaning and closing supplies, a wide array of dressings and medications, and Dr. Weiss's Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine. Mountain Series quality in a very compact, sub-1 lb. package. This kit features best in class brand named products and added value items with its inclusion of Easy Access Bandages (so easy to open you'll say WOW!), Moleskin, Irrigation Syringe and a 220 page Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine that features 97 illustrations, 43 first aid categories and 160 subcategories including "Weiss Advise" improvised techniques and "When to Worry" tips on recognizing life-threatening conditions.