Optimus - Vega Stove

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Get the benefits of an LPG stove: lightness, ease of use, and heat control, without the hassles: poor performance in cold or at altitude, and problems adding a windscreen. As a bonus with the Vega Stove, you can use your Outback Oven to create baked goods in camp. Invert the canister to maximize fuel consumption. The detached canister design recoups more heat from every cartridge, and reduces cooking times by up to 20%. The preheating tube ensures proper combustion and cold-weather performance.

  • Precise flame control for simmering, baking, or snow melting.
  • Detached canister design offers excellent stability with large pots or ovens.
  • Includes a windscreen and storage bag.
  • Windscreen has rounded edges for safety and 2 setting positions to accommodate large and small pots.
  • Fuel canister available separately.